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The Full Story

My name is Lydia Smoot and I am the creator of Paper Cut Lydia Productions. I received my associates in arts from West Kentucky Community and Technical College in Paducah, Ky. I received my Bachelors in theater from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Il. 


The name Paper Cut Lydia Productions comes from a character I created named Paper Cut Lydia. I printed out a picture of my face and attached it to a body and added clothes that I cut out of paper and painted and/or used colored pencil to color in. Soon she had paper cut out animal friends and villians. 

My love for music and writing came from my mom. I grew up singing in church and writing songs for my personal use. I'm proud to say I've gotten positive reviews on my music online. I've written plays in college and have continued to do so outside of college. Let's work together. 

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